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A Question of Morality

After searching around for quite a while, I figured that the best place to put a discussion on something like this would be a Livejournal community dedicated to the game itself.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and yet I still haven't been able to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Back in the day when Pokemon was first introduced and everyone was debating Pokemon's moral nature to death, and the concept of whether it was a good game or not- yes, back when pastors were burning Pokemon cards and so forth- the Pope himself actually came out and said that Pokemon really was a good game, and everything was cool, and a lot of people were quite happy.

But Colusseum puts a real twist into the concept of this game, because by and large, the whole concept of the game revolves around stealing. And putting that into context, a whole game based on stealing seems to be pretty bad from a moralistic standpoint. However, as a counterpoint, the whole idea of doing this is based on the need to free what being stolen- Shadow Pokemon- from corrupt trainers, and turn them back into 'light' Pokemon and cure this evil that's got a hold of them. But the snag with this is, that if you were to say that stealing them is OK because you're trying to heal them of evil, then that basically means the ends justify the means, which is a terrible way of looking at things.

What're your opinions on this issue, from a moral and religious standpoint? Do you know anyone who's been dissuaded from buying the game because of it?
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