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Hello all

Well i went to the pokemon center yesterday because of THIS
and boy was it packed, but i wasnt in a battling mood. But am i ever....
well now i have The ticket that will get my Deoxy (think thats how you spell it)
but it was cool, if i was some years younger i would have joined in on the fun with the wake up snorlax contest and stuff but hehehe it was my birthday yesterday.... 25..... "shivers" but any whats
it was cool and now im going to get it on the big screen and post pictures on my Yahoo group

speaking of which i had to redo my pokemon yahoo group, now last time no one even noticed it im hoping that i get a better response ....

but a small intro about it,
my yahoo group The Shadow Gym
is for people that play the GBA and GBC games (Ruby, Sapphire, Green, Red, Crystal, Gold , Emerald, and silver) also people that just know and love the anime and manga
right now its just based on the game but i am hoping to make this group bigger

I update weekly with new and pictures
and other stuff

well i really dont know what else to say about it, but i would really like to see people join

well i guess thats all for now, hope to "re" meet all you guys again

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